A couple of weeks ago I, together with my wife Liberty and son Ned, was proud to visit and lend my support to the 89 Fletcher Insulation workers who have now been on strike since 17 February.

As we move into the harsh cold of a Melbourne winter, these workers have kept faith with one another and their union, the AWU and remained at their 24 hour vigil at the gates of this Dandenong factory.

These workers have been a key part of Fletcher Building’s success and growing profits, with many having given decades of their working lives to this company as loyal employees.

This hard working group has recently has their loyalty repaid with an Enterprise Agreement which would slash longstanding conditions, and provide absolutely zero wage increases for three years while increasing hours and undermining overall job security. This was an Enterprise Agreement they simply could not accept.

It’s not an easy choice for workers to take action like this. It’s a long time for families to go without a pay cheque. But these guys are prepared to put themselves on the line for others and for what is right and what is fair.

I am proud to support the workers at Fletcher Insulation in their fight for fair treatment today, on day 95 of their fight for justice.

22 MAY 2017.