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Weak links in fuel supply chain threaten defence capabilities

April 08, 2016

Australia may be the world’s ninth largest energy producer but we depend on imports of crude oil and refined petroleum to power our economy. Australia’s crude oil reserves are small and depleting faster than they are being replenished by discovery.

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March 01, 2016

The tale of Amaal and Zareen, featured in a 60 minutes story, is a powerful one.

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Twelve Future Submarines: a long, circuitous journey

February 25, 2016

After two prime ministers, three defence ministers, three assistant defence ministers and two parliamentary secretaries—and a 12 month delay—we welcome today’s release of the Defence White Paper.

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Chilling prospect of funding failure in Antarctica

January 04, 2016

Today, the Australian Antarctic Territory is home to three major research stations, supported by air and sea connections. But all is not well. Only a handful of other nations recognise our claim to the AAT.

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Australia risks losing strategic hold over Antarctica

May 28, 2015

Despite the scientific and strategic importance of our Australian Antarctic Territory, Tony Abbott has failed to make the investment in infrastructure, logistics and scientific exploration so desperately needed.

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